Jazz meets Slauerhoff on an oriental trip.

Compact and agile, De Bende van Drie effortlessly navigates between musical styles such as jazz, tango, kwela, folk and more. The line-up of double bass, saxophone and accordion makes a wealth of styles and cross-fertilisations possible. De Bende van Drie samples, quotes, combines and refers without ever descending into clichés, mainly with their own themes, with here and there an artfully integrated pilfering. With its origins as a street band, De Bende van Drie maintains direct contact with the audience: music played from the heart with a passion for improvisation.


Onno van Swigchem – saxophones

Onno plays life. With moving tenderness, or screaming from the rooftops: you have to hear this! He seeks contact with his fellow musicians, listens, and tells a personal story that urges you to join him on his voyage of discovery.

He has a highly developed feeling for form, so that his playing and his compositions are always reminiscent of a journey. Sometimes exuberant, sometimes searching, and always full of nuance. Poignant, humorous or challenging in tone, he manages to make his saxophone sound as if every note is the first you ever heard: replete with tone and yearning for affirmation. Are you ready for the voyage?

Pieter Jan Cramer van den Bogaart – accordion

Pieter Jan has improvisation in his DNA. A master of bravura, he is ready to plunge into any adventure with unparalleled eagerness. He seeks out the unexpected in his improvisation, challenging his fellow players to keep up with him.

Pieter Jan delights in turning everything on its head: the mundane sounds extraordinary and the exceptional sounds commonplace. He craves unexpected perspectives and far horizons. And no matter what he plays, he somehow makes his bandmates sound better.


 Dion Nijland – double bass

With his own unique vision of everything he plays or composes, Dion is far from the average sideman. And with his rock-solid sound he carries you away with him on his journey. His playing is never routine. He dances around the basslines, with every lyrical note perfectly placed.

Dion ‘reads’ his fellow musicians. And he has a special gift for playing a solid bassline at one moment and improvising in the higher registers at the next, without you ever hearing how he got there.



Photo’s: Henk Brinkman