The added value of an intimate setting

The special feature of a living room concert is the immediate proximity of the audience. There could be no more intimate setting: there’s no escape. Not for the audience, and not for us either. The artist cannot hide anything, and so in a certain sense a living room concert is much more challenging than a performance in a large concert hall.

There’s no alternative: we have to take our audience with us on the voyage of discovery that music is for us. That took some getting used to at first, but once we took the audience by the hand and lead them through the caverns and past the sheer drops of our music it turned out there was nothing finer. It’s like reading aloud to a child: your audience are sitting in your lap, you take it gently, and then suddenly you shout out BOO!

“This is something I’ve rarely experienced: music was created here, and we were participants in its creation. Truly extraordinary.”
Fons van Dijk, chairperson, Art in the Room Circle, Veluwezoom

Gallery and Poetry: encounters with other artists

As well as living rooms we also play in galleries and at poetry festivals, where we love to make connections with other artists. After a joint recital, Ingmar Heytze wrote these words in response to our performance:

They knew each other like the air,
the water and the bottom of the lake know each other.
They climbed on each other’s shoulders to
the stars. If you listen very closely,

on a clear night
you can hear how
in the far distance
a tango
past the pale



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“So inspirational to bring out the best in yourself! The combination of the dizzying images with the hugely inspiring music created a chemistry that was much greater than the sum of its parts. The sheer bravery of both tightrope walker and musicians was wonderful to see, and an example to aspire to.”

Photos: Henk Brinkman (top, colour) and Rob Robijn (black and white)