A voyage of discovery

and preferably not to an uninhabited island. We carry not only ourselves but also the audience to the far corners of our repertoire and the ever-changing possibilities that lie hidden within it. Both musically and in our presentation we maintain direct contact with our audience.

De Bende van Drie has played at many venues and festivals, including the VPRO jazz festival “Jazz on the Roof”, the Poet on the Deel festival, the SJU Jazzpodium, the U-Jazz Festival and the Groningen JazzCycleTour.


“It no longer matters whether this is jazz or world music… this music stands apart from superficial categories as it finds its way through the unending landscape of improvisation. One of today’s most intriguing bands.


Photo’s, top to bottom:
Hans Speekenbrink (Jazz on the Roof), Henk Brinkman (Poet on the Deel Festival), Rob Robijn (Art in the Room), Herre Vermeer (U-Jazz Festival)”.